Discontinuation of the physical copy of BSNL Telephone bill of State Government offices

BSNL Bill for WB
BSNL Bill for WB

Government of West Bengal
Finance Department
e-Governance Group
Audit Branch

No. 725-F(Y) Dated: 14th February, 2020


Sub: – Discontinuation of physical copy of BSNL bill of State Government offices

e-Payment system for payment of landline telephone bills of BSNL (Calcutta Telecom District) & BSNL (West Bengal Telecom Circle) [BSNL (CTD) & BSNL(WBTC)] of all State Government offices through Portal to Portal seamless integration between IFMS & BSNL was introduced vide Memo No. 3891-F(Y) dated 25/07/2016 and No. 5142-F(Y) dated 28/09/2016. In the present system, bills are being prepared by DDOs through e-Billing module of IFMS on the basis of either physical copy of telephone bills received from BSNL (CTD) and BSNL (WBTC) or duplicate copies of bill generated online from IFMS / BSNL Portals. Bills arc submitted in appropriate T.R Form accompanied by the duplicate copies of bills of BSNL (CTD) and BSNL (WBTC) at the Treasuries/Pay & Accounts Offices.

Recently BSNL (CTD) and BSNL (WBTC) has taken a ‘Go-Green’ initiative for discontinuation of physical copy of landline bills of BSNL for the consumers and in turn the consumers will get a discount of Rs. 10/- per bill subject to maximum Rs. 100/- for each connection each year.

The matter of adopting the initiatives of BSNL for discontinuation of physical copy of BSNL bills to the consumers was under active consideration of the Government since sometime past. Accordingly, the Governor is pleased to introduce the system of payment of BSNL landline dues on the basis of soft copy of such bills downloaded from BSNL / IFMS Portals. Henceforth all concerned State Government Offices arc requested to preserve the soft copy of such BSNL bills for future reference.

Details of modalities arc mentioned in Ann’exurc 1 which is also available in IFMS portal under “Guidelines”.

All other modalities regarding preparation and submission of landline telephone bill and processing at the Treasury/Pay & Accounts Office shall remain unchanged.

This order will take immediate effect. Necessary amendments in West Bengal Treasury Rules shall be made in due courses.

(P.A. Siddiqui)
to the Government of West Bengal

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