Extension of period for filling SAR in HRMS

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NABANNA, Howrah-711102

Memo No. 3695-F(Y)

Dated 2nd July, 2019


Sub: Extension of period for filling/recording comments in the SAR in HRMS for the Appraisal Year 2018-19

In partial modification of Memo No. 2568-F(Y) Dated 29th April 2019, the last dates for submission of SAR in FIRMS for the Appraisal Year 2018-19 by the Officer Reported upon to the Reporting Authority and subsequently for recording of comments of Reporting, Reviewing and Accepting Authorities are extended as follows: 

NameExtended last date for filling/ recording comments in the SAR
Officer Reported Upon15th July,2019
Reporting Authority15th October,2019
Reviewing Authority15th December,2019
Accepting Authority15th March,2020

2.  The concerned Cadre Controlling Authorities are requested to immediately complete any remaining activities in the Online SAR sub-Module of HRMS.
3. The SAR Nodal Officers are requested to complete the process of tagging of concerned Group-A Officers immediately and approve the chain of SAR flow in the system to specify the reporting channel of all Group-A Officers Reported Upon tagged with them, so that the SAR may be submitted by all Group-A Officers to their respective Reporting Officers within 15th July, 2019.

Joint Secretary to the
Government of West Bengal


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