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Guidelines for the safety and well-being of every officer and staff in the Government Offices

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Guidelines for the safety and well-being of every officer and staff to prevention of spread of the disease COVID-19 in the Government Offices


No.1912 -F(H) Howrah, the 9th June, 2020.


In continuation of the order issued under No.218-CS/2020 dated 30.05.2020 regarding the functioning of Government Offices w.e.f 08.06.2020, the following guidelines are issued for the safety and well being of each and every officer and staff and prevention of spread of the disease COVID-19 in the workplace:

1) Only asymptomatic officers and staff shall be allowed to attend office on rotation basis. Anyone with any sort of symptom like mild fever, cough and cold need not attend office.

2) Officer and staff residing in containment zone shall not come to office. He/she will work from home till the area is declared as a Clear Area (category C).

3) Attendance of officers and staff who share a common sitting place should not exceed 10 on rotation basis. The sitting arrangements must be made in such a way that the distance between the two desks should not be less than 2.0 metres. In case it is not possible to maintain the distance of 2.0 metres with the presence of 10 persons in a common area/enclosure, the number of officer and staff should be further reduced. In that case, the overall attendance of 70% as stipulated in the order dated 30.05.2020 may be reduced. Roster should be prepared accordingly on weekly basis.

4) Officers above the rank of Deputy Secretary in Secretariat and equivalent rank in the Directorates/other establishments who have separate cubicals/sitting arrangements, may be asked to attend office on all working days and as per normal working hours.

5) Officers/staff who will not attend office because of roster arrangement as stated above, shall be advised to work from home through e-office. The Directorates/other establishments where there is no e-office facility as yet, may be advised to urgently introduce the system of e-office. They may take the assistance of Software Support Personnel(e-office) posted in each Department or other IT personnel with no additional engagement of manpower.

6) While in office premises, wearing of face mask at all times, frequent hand washing, use of hand sanitizer and adherence to other safety measures as notified earlier shall be strictly followed. Any case of non-wearing of masks shall be seriously viewed.

7) Sitting arrangements of visitors shall also be made at a distance of at least 2.0 metres.

8) Officers/staff will disinfect their personal equipments like keyboards, mouse phone, AC remote etc. themselves as frequently as possible.

9) Arrangements shall be made for disinfection of frequently touched places such as electric switches, door knobs, washroom fixtures, elevator switches etc. Arrangements should also be made for total sanitization of the entire office premises at regular intervals, say, once a fortnight.

10) Face to face meetings/discussion should be avoided as far as possible. Officers and staff will use intercom/phone/Ve for interactions.

11) In the lifts meant for common use, not more than 3(three) persons shall be allowed to take entry at a time.

All are earnestly requested to follow the above guidelines and extend whole hearted cooperation in combating the infection f COVID-19.

Additional Chief Secretary
to the Government of West Bengal

NB: The above text is generated from the original order by using OCR technology. To confirm the authenticity and correctness of the text please download the pdf file from the below link.

Download PDF from source [Click Here]

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