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WBPAY Calculator Android App

We are happy to introduce a must-have application with a bunch of valuable calculator/ utility for West Bengal Employees and Pensioners.

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Download WBPAY Calculator App

**What does it provide?

** For Employees **

* Salary Calculator (according to WB ROPA 2019)
* Increment Calculator
* Bonus Eligibility Calculator
* GPF Maximum And Minimum Amount Calculator
* GISS 1987 Group and Amount Calculator
* Service Period Calculator
* CAS/ MCAS/ Non-Functional promotion benefit calculator (for 8 years, 16 years, 25 years benefit)
* CAS/ MCAS/ Non-Functional promotion date and option date finder
* Retirement/ Superannuation date calculator
* Subsistence Allowance calculator for Suspended Employees.
* Working Days Calculator with selected date
* Professional tax/ P. tax calculator

**For pensioners **
* Pension amount calculator (find your basic pension)
* Revised Pension after ROPA 2019
* CVP/ Commuted value of pension calculator
* Gratuity Amount Calculator
* Family pension amount calculator
* Leave Salary/ leave encashment calculator

** For All**
* Age calculator
* Many more coming soon

** Key features of this app
* All essential calculator with help and formula explained.
* Minimum app size

Download WBPAY Calculator App

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