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ROPA 2019 for Pension

ROPA 2019 for Pension

ROPA 2019 for Pension, Revision of pension / family pension of Pre‐01.01.2016 Pensioners / Family Pensioners–Implementation of the Government decision on the recommendations of the Sixth Pay Commission.

Preview: The undersigned is directed to state that in pursuance of Government’s decision on the recommendations of the Sixth Pay Commission, the Governor has been pleased to revise the Pension / Family Pension of Pre‐2016 State Government Pensioners / Family Pensioners with effect from 01.01.2020 of all pre‐01.01.2016 Pensioners / Family Pensioners in the manner indicated in the succeeding paragraphs. 2. These orders will apply to all Pre‐2016 pensioners / family pensioners who were drawing Pension / Family Pension on 31.12.2015 under the West Bengal Services (Death‐cum‐Retirement Benefit) Rules, 1971, the West Bengal Services (Revision of Pension) Rules, 1952 and 1966, West Bengal Services (Extraordinary Pension) Rules, 1971. 3. In these orders – (a) “Existing pensioners” or “Existing family pensioners” means pensioners who were drawing / entitled to pension / family pension on 31.12.2015. (b) “Existing pension” means the basic pension inclusive of commuted portion, if any, due on 31.12.2015. It covers all classes of Pension under West Bengal Services (Death‐cum‐ Retirement Benefit) Rules, 1971 or any other rules / orders mentioned in para 2 above, as issued by the State Government for the employees of this Government from time to time. (c) “Existing family pension” means the basic family pension / ex‐gratia family pension / adhoc family pension / extraordinary family pension due on 31.12.2015 under the West Bengal Services (Death‐cum‐Retirement Benefit) Rules, 1971, the West Bengal Services (Extraordinary Pension) Rules, 1971 or Family Pension Scheme, 1965. 4.1. The pension / family pension of existing pre‐2016 pensioners / family pensioners will be revised notionally by multiplying the existing basic pension / basic family pension as on 31.12.2015 by 2.57. The amount of revised pension / family pension so arrived at shall be rounded off to next 10 (ten) rupees, if the said amount is not a multiple of Rs.10 (ten). However, if the revised basic Pension is below Rs. 8500/, it will be fixed at minimum of Rs. 8500/‐. The amount so arrived at will be regarded as revised pension / family pension with effect from 01.01.2020.

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    • My Father retired on 31.05.2014 died on 15.4.2016 as on 31.5.2014 basic pension was 13030 commuted pension was 5212.So 01.01.2020 After ROPA,2019 How many Basic Pension & arrears Gratuity & commuted value.

  1. I retired on 31/01/2017. My basic pension is 17340. Now in Ropa 19 what is my calculated pension? May I get the rest calculated portion of commuted money? Now I am getting pension of Rs 32435.00 . Will my pension be reduced?

  2. I retired on 31st.july 2018.My basic Pension is Rs.24605.Now I am getting Rs45848.inNov. 2019.My commuted value is Rs.9842. What will be my new position amt.

  3. I retired on 31janu.2012. my basic pension is 11215 and commuted pension amount 4486 after revision of pension what should be the increased pension…and the order of finance dept on 23 Rd of December to be considered while calculating the pension retd before 2016….

  4. My uncle retired on 30.04.2012 died on 15.11.2015 as on 31.12.2015 basic pension was 10915 commuted pension was 4366 please calculate family pension according to ropa 2019

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