Annual Salary Increment Calculator 2023 West Bengal Government Employees and Teachers

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Annual Salary Increment Calculator 2023 West Bengal: Hi friends! July is here. If you are an employee of West Bengal Government or a teacher of the Government aided school of West Bengal, you might be looking for the Annual Salary Increment Calculator 2023 West Bengal. In this article, I am providing a very useful and easy to use Salary Increment Calculator for you.

Salary Increment Rules in West Bengal

As per ROPA 2019 (Revision of Pay and Allowances rules 2019), the West Bengal Government Employees and the Government aided school teachers will get benefit of annual increment one in a year. In the month of July, employees get their annual salary increment. After the implementation of the ROPA 2019 rules, the percentage of the current Basic Pay has changed. Prior to the new rules, it was precisely 3%, but now it is approximately 3% of the current basic pay. The actual amount of the increased basic salary for the particular pay level is determined by the ROPA guidelines. However, the amount can be calculated by increasing it to 3% of the basic pay and then rounding off it to the nearest 100. Rounding off the incremented basic pay can cause the increment percentage to be more than 3% or less than 3%.

Excel formula to calculate Salary Increment of West Bengal Govt Employees

Although the in the list of ROPA 2019 the incremented basic pay can be found. But sometimes it is difficult to find the correct level and correct basic pay after the increment. You can calculate the incremented basic pay easily in the Excel sheet by using following formula:


Salary Increment Calculator 2023 West Bengal

Even calculation in the Excel is not needed as in the following calculator you can get your incremented new salary with new basic pay, new DA(Dearness Allowances), HRA (House Rent Allowances etc very easily within a few clicks.

Who can use this calculator?

The Government Employees of West Bengal, Primary School Teacher of West Bengal, High School Teacher of West Bengal, Collage Teachers of West Bengal, Panchayat and Municipalities worker more over. Their salary is determined by the West Bengal Service book rules and ROPA rules of West Bengal Service. They can use this calculator to calculate annual salary increment.

Salary Increment Calculator 2023 West Bengal

I have joined on December 2022, can I get annual increment of July 2023?

Yes, employees joined before 2nd January 2023 will get normal annual increment of July 2023.

One employee joined after 1st January 2023, Is he eligible to get annual salary increment?

No, as per West Bengal service rule employee who joined after 1st January will not eligible to get increment for the same year.

One employee is availed promotion after January 2022, is he eligible to get normal salary increment?

No, As per the government rules of West Bengal, an individual who receives a promotional benefit, including a promotional increment, is not eligible to receive a second increment during the months of January and July.

What is the increment month for West Bengal government employees?

The month of July every year is considered as increment month for West Bengal Government Employees.

How to calculate annual salary increment without any calculator?

To calculate annual salary increment without any calculator, you need to view the ROPA 2019 pay matrix in the page number 12, 13 and 14.

Are pensioners of West Bengal government eligible for annual pension increment?

No, Pensioners of West Bengal Government are not eligible for annual salary increments. However, they may receive benefits from DA hikes.

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