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Bill Submission Dates of March 2022 for Financial Year Ending

As in previous years, the Audit Branch of Finance Department Published a memorandum describing the Guidelines and Bill Submission Dates of March 2022 to the treasuries/ PAOs for smooth work management of Financial Year ending 31st March 2022. Here is the order summery and Official order link.

Summery of the Memorandum:

Memorandum no:586-F(Y)
Published by:Audit Branch of Finance Department, Government of West Bengal
Subject:Guidelines for submission of bills before the Treasuries/ Pay and Accounts Offices for the Financial year 2021-2022

Key Highlights:

All the Drawing and Disbursing Officers are requested to adhere to the following schedules for submission of bills for the Financial year 2021-2022:

March 2022 bill submission dates
Bill submission dates of March 2022

Download Memorandum No 586-F(Y) [PDF]

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