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TR Form No and their uses | Bill Type: Description and Purpose

West Bengal Treasury Forms (WB TR Forms)

List of TR form (Bill Type in WBIFMS E-Billing) currently active on WBIFMS Portal.

Bill TypeDescription and Purpose
TR-21Travelling Allowance Bill For Transfer/Leave Travel Concession/Tour
TR-24Medical charges Reimbursement Bill
TR-26Bill for drawing charges relating to (a) Wages, (b) Office Expenses, (c) Payment for professional and special services, (d) Rates & Taxes/Royalty, (e) Publications, (f) Advertising, Sales and Publicity Expenses, (g) Hospitality Expenses/Sumptuary allowances etc., (h) Machinery and Equipment/Tools and Plants, (i) Motor Vehicles, (j) Maintenance, (k) Minor works, (l) Materials and Supplies, (m) Other charges, (n) Secret Service Expenditure and (o) Recoupment of Permanent Advance etc.
TR-27Bill for drawing advance without supporting Voucher
TR-28Detailed bill for adjustment of advance
TR-31Grant-in-aid Bill/Consolidated Grant-in-aid Bill
TR-33Bill for scholarship/stipends payable to College/School
TR-34Bill for Refund of Revenue
TR-35Refund of Revenue deposited in respect of Excise Duty, Agricultural Income Tax and Sales & Commercial Tax
TR-36Bill for drawing charges on account of loans and advances, subsidies, investments, etc. to Co-operative societies, Statutory Corporations and other organisations.
TR-36ABill for drawing charges on account of payment/repayment of loans, advances, subsidies, investments, interest on loan, withdrawal from Contingency Fund etc.
TR-37Bill for drawing loans and advances (other than G.P.F. and Festival advances) sanctioned to employees of the Government
TR-42Deposit Repayment Order and Bill Form
TR-43Transfer Credit Bill Form
TR-50Bill for withdrawal of (a) Cash Equivalent to Leave Salary, (b) Commuted Value of Pension, (c) Provisional Gratuity, (d) Final Payment of Gratuity, (e) Death Gratuity, (f) Final Payment of General Provident Fund, (g) Refundable Advance from General Provident Fund, (h) Non-Refundable Advance (including up to 90%) from General Provident Fund (i) Provisional Pension
TR-51Receipted bill under the central government employees group insurance scheme, 1980
TR-60Bill for withdrawal from West Bengal Government Employees Group Insurance-cum-Savings Scheme, 1983 / 1987- For Savings Fund
TR-61Bill for withdrawal from West Bengal Government Employees Group Insurance-cum-Savings Scheme, 1983 / 1987
TR-68Medical charges for Advance/Reimbursement Bill under W.B. Health Scheme 2008
TR-68B(TO BE USED BY DDO CODE CABFNA009 ONLY) Medical charges Reimbursement Bill to Health Care Organisation (HCOs) for providing cashless medical treatment to beneficiaries under W. B. Health For All Employees and Pensioners Cashless Medical Treatment Scheme, 2014
TR-69Bill of e-Payment for Unsuccessful Transaction (to be generated in Treasury/PAO only)
TR-70Works/ Forest Bill (Advance bill, Part bill & Final bill)
TR-70BBill Form For Deposit Works
TR-70CSecurity Deposit/Other deposit refund order and bill form for Works and Forests
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