Govt Orders

No allotment needed for Supplementary Bill

Government of West Bengal
Finance Department
Audit Branch (Group T)
File No. 336980

Memo. No. 3573-F(Y)Dated, 21″ December, 2020


Sub : Treating Supplementary bill of HRMS as Pay Bill

The salary bills in HRMS has been categorised as follows depending on the nature of drawal :-

  1. Pay Bill — Pay bill is drawn for the current month of salary of an employee.
  2. Supplementary Bill — Such bills are for drawal of pay of an employee for any past month which was previously held up by the DDO due to any administrative reason.
  3. Arrear Bill — For drawal of arrear of pay and allowances on enhancement of pay due to CAS, Promotion etc along with a due drawn statement.

However, it has been felt that confusion arises regarding requirement of allotment of Supplementary Bill.

Since the Supplementary Bill represents the Pay and Allowances of an employee for a previous month, which was not drawn due to various administrative reasons, Supplementary Bill should be treated at par with regular Pay Bill and Rules of drawal of Pay Bill shall equally apply to Supplementary Bill.

Surata Kumar De
Joint Secretary to the
Govt. of West Bengal

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