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How to Convert Employee to Pensioner in West Bengal Health Scheme?

Pensioners of West Bengal can continue enrolment in the West Bengal Health Scheme after retirement. The Head of Office needs to convert the enrolment as pensioner from employee. In this article showing the step-by-step process to convert employee to pensioner in West Bengal Health Scheme. Before converting an employee as a pensioner, some points to be noted.

Points to be noted before converting employee to pensioner

  • This process must be done after retirement of the employee.
  • The employee must have enrolled earlier in this scheme as an employee. (otherwise, the process of new enrolment may be followed.)
  • Employee to pensioner can be converted with or without PPO number.
  • It is recommanded to update all the details including last basic pay, pay level, bank account number and Aadhaar number before convert.

Convert Employee to Pensioner in West Bengal Health Scheme

The conversion of employee to pensioner can be done through a workflow beginning from operator to recommanding authority (optional) to approver.

  1. Open West Bengal Health Scheme Portal in a browser and login with Operator credentials.
  2. Click on the Employee to Pensioner option of the left menu.
Click on Employee to Pensioner option
Employee to Pensioner option
  1. In the Employee to pensioner transfer list, select Name to search the name of the employee.
  2. Enter a name in the Search by name field and click on the Search button.
    Now the search result will appear with the details of the employee.
  3. Click on the Application ID to get the Employee to Pensioner convert form.
Employee to pensioner transfer search employee
Search Employee
  1. Select the option of Already got PPO No. If yes, enter the PPO number in the next field. And if no, a NON-PPO temporary number will be generated.
  2. Select Pensioner Type as Pensioner (for family pensioner, process will be discussed in a separate post.)
  3. Check the next information correct or not, including Date of application for enrolment, Ex Employee’s last Pay, and Pensioner’s Basic Pension. If anything found incorrect, make changes.
  4. Enter reason for conversion with Govt. Order Number.
  5. Finally, click on the “Convert To Pensioner” button.
Convert Employee to Pensioner in West Bengal Health Scheme
Convert Employee to Pensioner in West Bengal Health Scheme
  1. A pop-up message will show to confirm the changes. Click on the OK button.
  1. The details of the pensioner data is now found in the Homepage of the same Operator.
  2. Click on the Home option.
  3. Operator can now find the application ID in the inbox for certificate processing section.
  4. Click on the application ID.
  1. Update details if needed.
  2. Enter bank account details if needed.
  3. Click on the update button.
  4. Select the next user- Recommanding Authority or Head of Office/ Approver.
  5. Enter the note and click on the Send button to send the data.
Update and send the data to HOO
  1. Now, following process flow, the data will go through the Recommanding Authority to Approver/ Head of Office.
  2. Finally, the approver/ Head of Office (HOO) needs to approve the data.

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