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Extension of Online Enrollment under West Bengal Health Scheme

Medical Cell

No. 39-F (MED) WB 

Dated: 25.06.2019


The existing, retired State Government employees/Family Pensioners, AIS & IFS Officers rendering their services in this State and also retired AIS Officers rendered their services in the affairs of the State have been getting the benefit of medical treatment as provided under the “West Bengal Health For All employees and Pensioners Cashless Medical Treatment Scheme,2014.” In terms of Finance Department Memorandum No:101-F(MED)WB; Dated-11.10.2018, enrolment, re-enrolment as well as uploading of Photo, Signature and Blood Group in the W.B.Health Portal were open from 11.10.2018 to 31.03.2019. However, on further assessment, it has been found that still, a substantial number of Government Employees and especially Pensioners have yet to enroll themselves under the said Scheme.

Now, the Governor is pleased to order that:

1) the existing, retired State Government employees, Pensioners, Family Pensioners, AIS, IFS and retired AIS officers who have not enrolled their names under the W.B. Health Scheme may be allowed to enrol their names under the Scheme up to 31.03.2020. 

2) the last date of uploading Photo, Signature and Blood Group in the W.B. health 

portal ( by the already enrolled Govt. employees/Pensioners including Family Pensioners is hereby also extended till 31.03.2020. 

3) such Employees/Pensioners including Family pensioners who have already opted out of the 

Scheme may also enrol their names under the W.B.H.S. within 31.03.2020 from the date of issuance of this notification. 

4) new entrants into the Government service shall, however, be allowed to exercise option and complete enrolment under the Scheme within 2(two) years of their appointment into the Government service. 

5) the applications for enrolment under the W.B.H.S. should be submitted online keeping adequate time in hand so that the entire process for enrolment should be completed by 31.03.2020. 

6) the Issuing Authority of the enrolment certificate should ensure that the enrolment process could be completed within 31.03.2020. 


By order of the Governor,

Additional chief secretary
Government of West Bengal 


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