ROPA 2019 Calculator with NPA


ROPA 2019 Calculator for NPA or Non-Practicing Pay of West Bengal Govt Employees who received NPA or NPP, Non-Practicing Pay.

The existing basic pay shall be multiplied by a factor of 2.57 and the figure so arrived at shall be added to by an amount equivalent to Dearness Allowance on the pre-revised Non‐Practicing Allowance admissible as on 1st day of January, 2016. The figure so arrived at will be located in the applicable Level in the Pay Matrix and if such an identical figure correspondence to any Cell in the applicable Level is available, the same shall be the pay. If, no such Cell is available in the applicable Level, the pay shall be fixed at the immediate next higher Cell in that applicable Level in the Pay Matrix.


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  1. I have retired from my service in 31st March, 2018 as Asst. Head Master (Teacher-in-Charge cum Secretary) with end pay as 40460/- . Based on this basic my pension was calculated. My grade pay was Rs. 5000/- (AHM). My basic pay was Rs. 38130/- on 1.1.2016.
    My pension basic is 20,530/- as on 01.04.2018
    Please let me know my revised pension basic on 01.04.2018

  2. I sanjib Mondal municipal group d employee. Present basic 11150 in 2019 grade pay 1800. Old basic 2016 9930 . Municipal employees add leave salary and gratuity amount ? Please send me details.

  3. I have joined as veterinary officer under ard department govt of wb on 18th february i am getting npa so what will be my new basic pay on 1.1.2020 after effect of pay commission

  4. What will be the new basic pay of newly joined doctor(joining after january 2019) please calculate with npa

  5. There are two option ground one where I may take option on 1.1.16 and another on2.7.16.but in this vdo does not show the calculation of taking option on 2.7.16.please do available vdo for this.

  6. There are two option one on1.1.16 and another on 2.7.16 but vdo does not show calculation for option on 2,7,16 please do vd0 f0r option on 2,7,16

  7. If i choose 01/07/19 as option date , what will be the DA percentage? on dated 1/1/16 da will be 75 percent on pre-revised npa. Is it 125 percent on dated 01/07/19 ? please clarify. i want to apply 2- b in option form.

  8. my BP as on
    01.07.19 => 19280.00, GP=>5400
    01.07.18=> 18560.00 GP=> 5400
    01.07.17 => 17860.00, GP=> 5400
    01.07.16 => 16560.00,GP=> 4600
    01.01.16=> 15940.00 GP=>4600

  9. I also want to choose option on 1.7.2019. But nobody can answer whether D.A on N.P.A will be 75 % or 125%. And whether NPA of 1.1.2016 or NPA of 1.7.2019 will be taken into consideration while fixing pay under ROPA 2019

  10. Need to know about my basic would be as on 1/1/2020..i joined as medical officer on 28/03/ by basic pay is-16230,gradepay-5400.. head lady is saying each day new basic… horrible

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