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Download WBIFMS Mobile App of West Bengal Finance Department

Download Official WBiFMS App by WB Finance Department from Play Store. Finance Department of West Bengal introduced a new Mobile app named WBIFMS. Here are the details about the app and download link.

Download WBIFMS Mobile App from Play Store

The WBiFMS Mobile App has been designed to provide a user-friendly experience to the various users and stakeholders of the web portal of WBiFMS (https://www.wbifms.gov.in). Finance Department, Government of West Bengal has developed it to facilitate various Administrative Departments to plan, implement and monitor its various development projects and welfare schemes in an efficient manner and provide smart and better governance. Efficient administrative & financial functioning of the various organs of the government is another objective of this initiative.

The WBiFMS Mobile App provides a single platform to the users of Departments, Directorates, Regional / Block Offices, Treasuries and Employees & Pensioners and Public to access, view, avail services, see status and view & download reports and other information easily and instantly. It is time & cost efficient, provides better service delivery to its stakeholders including citizens.

Key services for IFMS Users:
➢ To view the Budget allocation, Budget distribution & Expenditures at the level of Department, Sub- Allotting Officers Level and Drawing and Disbursing Officers (DDO)
➢ To view Head of Accounts wise total collection of the revenues of the State Government
➢ To view specific Scheme wise payment details ( Ex-Kanyashree, Rupashree, Khadyasathi etc)
➢ To view sub allotment of fund
➢ To view the latest five Allotments pending for sub-allotment
➢ To view last five Allotments received
➢ To view DDO wise Allotment consumption details
➢ To view age wise Pending Bill status in a Treasury/PAO
➢ To view un-adjusted Advance Bill details in a Treasury/PAO
➢ To view status of Monthly Accounts submission by Treasuries/PAO

Key services for HRMS/ESE users:
➢ To apply and approve Casual, Earned, Commuted, Half Pay Leave
➢ To submit Station Leave application
➢ To submit Joining Report
➢ To apply and approve GPF Advance
➢ To view status of Leave and Loan application
➢ To view Leave and Loan balance
➢ To view Pay Slip, IT statement, Last Pay Certificate
➢ To view status of Self Appraisal Report

Key services for Pensioner:
➢ To view Life Certificate submission status
➢ To view Component wise Pension
➢ To view TDS

Key services for Public:
➢ To view status of Payment received by individual concerned
➢ To view status of Government Receipt Number (GRN)
➢ To view Stamp Balance
➢ To view Component of Wages

Utilities & Benefits :
♣ Single WBiFMS Mobile App can be accessed for viewing payment and receipt details.
♣ SMS/email integration with different queries/function facilitates intimation of payment through GRIPS, intimation of transfer, etc.
♣ Dashboard for users on recent news, updates, events, etc.
♣ Government Users can access information from multiple modules of iFMS from this mobile app by login with Single Mobile No. and MPIN.
♣ Citizens can anytime and anywhere avail these services through their mobile phones without visiting the department office and standing in queues.
♣ Ready availability of quick information through WBiFMS Mobile App facilitates to take administrative decision making.
♣ Login and OTP based Multi-factor authentication has been deployed to ensure authenticity of the user.


WBiFMS Mobile App is an initiative of the Finance Department, Government of West Bengal for bringing in smart and better governance in its administrative & financial management system. The Mobile App provides single platform to the users of Departments, Directorates, Regional, Block Offices, Treasuries, employees including public to access, view, download services, information easily and instantly at any point of time.

Download WBPAY App


Visit https://wbpay.in every day for getting more tutorials and usages of this app.

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