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How to fill online option form of ROPA 2019

As per order number 6715-F(Y) Date: 10/12/2019 Government employee of West Bengal can submit his/her option of pay fixation as per ROPA 2019 through online. The employee needs to use their own ESE login to submit the online option form. In this post, the process of filling the online option form of ROPA 2019 is showing step by step.

How to fill online Option Form of ROPA 2019?

1) At first Login your ESE (e Services for employee) account in WBIFMS portal.

2) Click on the “Option form for ROPA-19” option on the bottom left list.

online potion form of ropa 2019

3) The page containing the option date will appear.

Online option form first page

4) Click on the “Projection” button to calculate your revised pay.

5) After the calculation of the revised pay, you have to decide the date of the option.

6) Click on the “Close” button.

7) Select Date of Option

Select option date

8. After selecting the date of option save it.

9. Download the Schedule IV by clicking the button

Download Schedule IV

10. Forward the form by clicking the Forward button.

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Order for online filling of option form

Video Tutorial: How to fill online Option Form of ROPA 2019?


  1. i have a mcas as on 1st july 2019 but the order from my department has not generated yer what should i do in the coloum
    Do you want to have effect of any change of scale due to ECAS

  2. I have got 8 year benefit on August,2019 then I have got my promotion from chowkidar to storekeeper. I have joined at my new office on 4th December,2019 as storekeeper…my question is that which date will be best for ROPA option form…

  3. I have got 16 years’ CAS on 24.10.16 in UDC( got 1 additional increment with grade pay remaining unchanged).Got promoted to H.C on 08.02.19( got 1 additional increment on 01.07.19 i,e on the date of annual increment,grade pay elevated to Rs.3900/- w.e.f 01.02.19).Which date of option will be beneficial for me

  4. I should get 25 years of CAS from 28.10.2019, but my offiice had not given me the due CAS. Now how can I fill the option of Ropa 2019. My basic pay as on 1.1.2016 is 24400 and grade pay is 4700.

  5. What is the cut off date of giving options in West Bengal as per ROPA 2019? i.e. from 01.01.2016 to…..??

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