Pension Calculator for West Bengal Govt Pensioner

Hello and welcome to WBPAY.IN. In this post we are introducing New Pension Calculator for West Bengal Government Employees and Pensioners. Here is some rules and formulas for the pension:-

  • The minimum qualifying service period* for getting the pension is 10 years.
  • Minimum Basic Pension is Rs. 8500/-
  • Maximum pension amount Rs. 1,00,500/‐
  • Maximum commutation percentage of pension is 40%

*Qualifying Service period = (Date of Superannuation – Date of appointment) – Period of Extraordinary Leave (E.O.L) – Period of suspension. Below 3 months of service will not be counted. Three or more than three months of service will be counted as the next 6 months qualifying service.

The formula for Pension Calculation

Pension calculation formula

Now please check the pension calculator below to find the basic pension by simple way:

Click here to view Commuted Value of Pension (CVP) Calculator

Calculate revised pension for pensioners retired after 01/01/2016

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  1. In case of death below 10 years service, whether the employees family get pension and other facilities?

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