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Pension Calculator
Pension Calculator

Pension Calculator for West Bengal Pensioners effective from 01/01/2020 after the publication of Revision of pension 2019 (Pension ROPA 2019).

The amount of basic pension calculated on total basic pension as on 31/12/2015 multiplying it by 2.57

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  1. For pensioners who retired after 1.1.16 , the gross pension may reduce from 1.1.20 since no Dearness relief is announced. Although they will get more commutation value and gratuity.
    For example Mr.X retired on 31.10.18 with a last BP+ GP(2100)= 13470. He had 29.5 yrs of qualifying service. At retirement time his basic pension was fixed as 6735. He commuted 40% of it(2694). As a result – a) he got gratuity amount 397365 and b)commutation amount 264896. c) His present monthly pension is 12460(basic pension 6735- commutation 2694 + 125% of 6735).
    Now after giving fixation benefit as per ROPA 19 from 1.1.16 his last pay(Oct 18) is fixed at 35400, therefore his basic pension is 17700. a)Commutation value will be = 696162(40% of 17700×12×8.194). So he will get extra commutation value of =431266(696162-264896).
    b) Gratuity will be 522150(35400×29.5×2/4). So he will get difference gratuity of 124725(522150-397365). * The revised gratuity amount would have been more had there been any DA.
    c) But his monthly pension from 1.1.20 will be 10620(basic pension 17700- commutation amount 7080 + no DA)
    Therefore his monthly pension of 12460 shall be reduced to 10620 from Jan 20.
    # The pensioner is under WBHS.
    # He will get difference retirement benefit of 124785(as gratuity) and 431266(as commutation).

  2. Who will retire during the year 2022 which formula will be followed at that time. Kindly let me know the same.

  3. I retired on 29.02.2016 with Last basic pay 22750/ pay band 19150 and 3600/ please calculate my pension and gratuity and commutation value as per wb sixth pay commission.

    1. I shall be retired on 31st october 2020 what will be my pension? Joining date is 10th september 1982

  4. I have retired on 30.09.2019 after rendering non- inturreption service of 32 years. Shall I be entitled to have the enhanced gratuity amount ? Would anyone inform me in this regard ? …..Regards. …..P.Sen

  5. I have retired on31/1/17 with basic pension 13165/-.gratuity-600000/-& commutation-496950/- commute value-5054/- and also get a promotion on 16/8/16 with gp-3900/-.previous was-3600/-.on 1.1.16 my band pay was 20930/-gp-3600. length of what will my calculation.

  6. I have retired on30/09/2016 with basic pension 13870/-.gratuity-6,00,000/-& commutation-5,45,524/- commute value-5548/- and also get a promotion on 16/2/16 with G.P-5400/-.previous was-4700/-.on 1.1.16 my band pay was 20780/-G.P-4700/-. length of what will my calculation.

    1. How much revised pension will be from 01-01-2020 ? My last pay on 31.12.2018 was Rs. 23820/= and how much revised gratuity will be on 01-01-2020 ? My old pension from 01-01-2019 was Rs. 22034/=. Please let me know as soon as possible via email.

  7. You must opt for fixation from 1.7.16. It will be beneficial for you.
    As per ROPA19 your last pay(1.7.16) shall be fixed as 73200. So Basic pension shall be fixed as 36600. Opt for 40% commutation resulting in commutation value as 14460.
    As result you are eligible for Gratuity amount=(73200×31.5÷2)=1152900. You have already recvd gratuity 6L. Difference gratuity you will recv is = (1152900-600000)=552900.
    You are eligible for commutation amount =(14640×12×8.194)= 1439522. So difference commutation you will recv is =(1439522-545524)= 893998.
    Your monthly pension from Jan 20 shall be 21960(if you are in wbhs) or 22540(if you are not in wbhs).
    Your monthly pension shall reduce from current. Still you will be in benefit if you opt for fixation from 1.7.16 and opt for 40% commutation.

  8. I have retired from wb govt. service on 28/2/17 and that time, my Basic pay was 16830/- & G.Pay was 3600/- total Rs.20430/-(1.7.16) I am willing to new commute my pension 40% and I have already commuted my pension 40% at the time of my retirement my present basic pension is Rs.10215/- – 4086/-(commuted) = 6129/- now what will be current pension after commutation and pension amount.

  9. if an employee already retired on 31.1.17 dob-20.1.1957 revised basic pension-34750/how caculate his commutation as per new cvp table as on me by calculation.

  10. x last basic pay 14370(bp-12630+gp-2100)
    D.O.R-31-07-2018 BASIC PAY ON 1-1-2016—13470
    REVISED BASIC PENTION WEF 1-12020—–19350/-
    REVISED PENSION COMMUTED———40% OF 19350/- =7740/-
    AMOUNT OF PENSION FURTHER COMMUTED——–(7740-2946)= 4794/=

  11. I have retired on31/01/2016 with basic pension 13500/-.gratuity-6,00,000/-& commutation-5,45,524/- commute value-5480/- and length of what will my calculation. Gross Pay on 1/1/16 was 26950/-

  12. I have retired on31/01/2016 with basic pension 13500/-.gratuity-6,00,000/-& commutation-5,45,524/- commute value-5480/- and length of what will my calculation. Gross Pay on 1/1/16 was 26950/-

  13. My father have retired on 31.12.2012 as a primary head teacher.Now My father has no more. My father was died on 17.10.2017.My mother have got full pension 20067/- per month still 7th December 2019.But now family is starting…..My mother have received family pension of 13691/- …So what would be gross family pension of 1.1.2020.? My father E.P.F-8785,N.F.P-5271,Amount Commuted-3514,Reduced amount of pension per month-5271,Last basic pay was-17570,Qualifying service was 33years.Basic pension is-5951.

  14. I have retired as a W.B. Govt employee in 29/02/2016. My date of birth is 08/02/1956. iI I opt to commute additional pension as per ROPA-2019 what is the age count at present for calculation of commutation value. During retirement date the age becomes 61.

  15. I have retired as a W.B. Govt. Employee on 31-05-18. My date of birth is 26-05-1958. Now after giving fixation benefit as per ROPA 19 from 1.1.16 and Basic pay was Rs. 17520=00 (13920 + 3600) Rs. 17520 /- x 2.57 = 45026.So, as on 01-01-16 = Rs. 46400 and accordingly 01-07-16 = 47800 & 01-07-17 = 48200/-. Last Basic Pay was on 31-05-18 at Rs. 18600=00 (15000 + 3600). So, if calculation is right then I fill up the Annexure-I .Please send Email what amount will be pension on 01-06-18.

  16. My father died on service on22/3/2016 and in my pension pay band is 25400-25200, grade pay is 2100. I also received gratuity of 600000 with a service tenure of 36 yrs 10 months. At present I am receiving 15274 as a pension. So what would be my pension and am I eligible to get other benefits and how much
    Please show all the calculation.

  17. Iam a primary teacher (head teacher)
    January 2020 my basic rs. 45000/
    I retired on June 2020
    My service period 21 years
    Please how my gratuity, pension & commitment?

  18. I have been retired from my service in the year December 2018 & my 16 years CAS benefit date was 16th Feb 2017.
    My pay as on Aug 2016 was 11110+2900
    My last month pay was 12430+3200 under the pay band 7100 — 37600,
    Pl. Informed me the actual benefit under Ropa 2019 as pensioner

  19. Employee of Nadia Zilla Parishad wb , Retirement date 31/01/2021 get 18 years benifit ,Ropa 2019 fixation Basic Rs. 41000/- so my pension and gratuity and pension comutation and gets total Rs.

  20. I shall retire my service on 31.1.2021. I get 20 years CAS benifit ,date of service 20.8.1980 , Ropa 2019 fixation 41000, So, calculate my pension & Gratuity , Commute pension after commute ,gets total rs.

  21. I have retired on28 February2019 as an asstt. teacher of High School. My last pay was 32270. my E.F.P was Rs16135.Amount commuted Rs 6454. Payable C.V.P.nwas Rs.634609. My qualifying service was 33 years.
    My date of birth : 18/02/1959
    Date of retirement 28/02/2019.
    Which option should I choose? And please calculate my fixation. I will be highly grateful to you.
    Thank you in anticipation.
    My mail

    1. I have retired on 30/09/2016,
      My B.Pay was Rs. 18020/- on 01/01/2016, and Rs. 18560/- on 30/09/2016, at the time of retirement.
      My desig. is H/T
      Grade pay was 2900+200= 3100,
      Please calculate my actual Basic Pension under ROPA 2019.
      Thank you,
      My Whatsapp no. is 8116611550.

  22. I want tools/ calculater in excel sheet of single comprehensive form with all acknowledge like Calculation sheet, Salary Sheet, Loans & Liabilities etc. for Death Case

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