Employee Joining in and LPC in process in WBIFMS

Transfer of Employee from one office to another is now should be completed through Head of Office (HOO) Login and LPC in or out from DDO login. This article showing the process of Employee Joining in and LPC in WBIFMS portal.

In the previous post, the process of Transfer out was discussed. Click Here to view How to transfer out an employee from HOO Login.

Employee Joining in or Transfer in and LPC in process

In this post, the process of joining in after transfer out completed from the previous office is discussed step by step.

Joining In

Login Using HOO Id

open any browser and go to the URL: https://www.wbifms.gov.in or Click here

The Homepage of WBIFMS portal will appear.

wbifms home

Click on the Login Option on the upper right corner.

The HOO Login page will appear

hoo and ddo login page

Use HOO (Head of Office) Login id and password to Login.

Head of Office Application list will appear.

hoo hrms application list

Click on HRMS

 HRMS Roll Switching page will appear

Switch roll hoo aa

Select Role as HRMS HOO Approver.

Click on Select Role Button

Joining in option

Click on Transfer in ⇒ Joining in

Transfer joining in page will appear

Ssearch order

Fill all the details using LOV and Click on Search Button

Employee Joining in and LPC in
Employee Joining in and LPC in

Fill all the Details of Joining order.

Click on Employee Joining in details (No. 5 in image above)

Employee Joining In Details page

Fill all the details

Click on Save

Click on Back

Now you can Save as Draft (will be added to Inbox)

or Save and Approve

Joining In Order Print

To print the joining order report Click on Transfer in ⇒ Joining in order report

Joining Order Report

Joining in report generation page will appear

Joining Order Report generate

The joining in order report will now downloaded.

Joining in order report image
Joining in order report image

Now Log out from HOO login

LPC In process in WBIFMS

Login using DDO ID

LPC in should be done from DDO Login

Use DDO Login id and password to login (Process is same as HOO login)

After login click on Transfer ⇒ Transfer in ⇒ LPC In

LPC in option
Search lpc in employee

Enter Employee No

Click on Search Button

LPC in details pay head section

Select Pay Head of the Employee

Select Department

Click on Save Button

Click on Save and Approve Button

LPC in Report Print

Click on Transfer ⇒ Transfer out ⇒ LPC out report

LPC in Report Print

Select form – LPC In

Enter Employee No.

Click on Search Button

Lpc report print

Click on LPC in Report Button

Sample LPC report

Beneficiary Bank Account No Transfer

Update: Using new process now no need to request for beneficiary transfer. Only approve beneficiary account details from e-pradan.

You can find Bank Account details of the employee in the bottom of the LPC in report.

Open e-pradan from DDO Application List

DDO Application list

Click on Beneficiary Transfer ⇒ Request

Send request

Enter Bank Account No, IFSC code,

Click on the chekbox of request.

Click on Send Request Button.

Now a request will be received at the previous DDO of the Employee.

The DDO needs to accept the beneficiary transfer request from e-pradan ⇒ Beneficiary Transfer ⇒ Accept option

After accepting the beneficiary account the DDO needs to approve it.

beneficiary approve

Click on Master ⇒ Beneficiary Master

Select status as Un-Approved

Type account no.

Click on Search

Check Approve Flag

Click on the Approve Button

Now the process of Transfer in of an Employee is now completed.

Thank You

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