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How to Download Payslip form WBIFMS

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A payslip is a document for an employee where the pay information is written. In this article showing the process how to download payslip from WBIFMS portal. Pay and Allowances details can be found in a monthly payslip or salary slip of an employee. As an employee of West Bengal Govt, you can download your payslip from wbifms portal. Before downloading the payslip, an employee needs to be registered at the wbifms portal, i.e.,

Update: How to download payslip from WBIFMS mobile app

How to register on WBIFMS Portal:

1. Before going through the process of registration you have to know your Employee Number or Employee ID. It can be found on the Pay Bill or a PaySlip collected from office. If you don’t know your employee no, please contact your office operator for it.

2. Open any web browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox etc and go to the  URL or click here.

The Homepage of iFMS- WB appears.

WBIFMS Homepage

3. Click on the link, SignUp for registration.

Employee Registration page will open.

signup page of wbifms

4. Manually enter the Employee Number (As generated in HRMS),5. Enter Mobile Number.  ( The Mobile No. should be the one provided and approved in HRMS module)6. Enter the Captcha.7. Click on Register. You will receive an OTP on your mobile. Please note that it may take about 3-4 minutes to receive the OTP in the employee’s registered mobile no. 8. HRMS- eSE Account Creation page is displayed.

hrms ese ac creation page

9. Manually provide the One Time Password received in your mobile, in the designated field.

10. Click on the Declaration CheckBox.
11. Click on Create My Account

12. Account creation page displayed with a success message at the top. Along with it, the employee will receive an SMS in his registered mobile no. for a temporary password. 

This password requires being compulsorily changed when the employee logs in for the first time using the login (i.e., the employee no and the temporary password).

Sign In to the Employee Account

1. Open any web browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox etc and go to the  URL or click here.

The Homepage of iFMS- WB appears.

WBIFMS Homepage

2. Click on Sign In option under the menu e-Services for Employees

The Sign in page will appear.

hrms employee login page

3. Manually provide the Login ID (which is your Employee No. in HRMS) and Password (For the first time user: temporary password received in your mobile)

4. Click on Login

(After logging in, the first-time users have to change the password)

How to Download Payslip:

  1. After successfully logged in Click on My Documents ⇒ View Payslip
My account Payslip option

2. The payslip page will appear.

Click the Previous arrow to view the payslip of the previous year.

Click Next arrow to view the next page.

3. Click on the icon of month name to download the payslip for the relevant month.

How to download payslip
how to download payslip

This is a Sample copy of Payslip:

Sample copy of a payslip

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What is a payslip?

A payslip is a document provided by the employer of a company or government office to the employees with details information of pay structure like basic pay, dearness allowances, medical allowances etc.

What is BP in payslip?

The full form of BP is Basic Pay, which is stated in the payslip.

What is DA in payslip?

DA stands for Dearness Allowances in Payslip of West Bengal Government employees.

What is HRA in payslip?

Full form of HRA in payslip is House Rent Allowance.



    • As an Employee, you can’t register your mobile no in HRMS. The addition of mobile no to be done from DDO login. Contact your office operator or DDO for adding your mobile no to your HRMS profile.

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